In recent years, concert venues have been focusing on event security like never before. There are many challenges associated with maintaining safety within a concert venue but the protection of guests should always be the main focus.

Our expert safety team can visit your premises to carry out a risk assessment to establish the hazardous areas within your concert venue and recommend the necessary safety products needed to increase security both inside and outside the venue.

verge concert venue safety barriers

Where should I install concert venue safety barriers?

Concert safety matters for people attending events at your venue. The safer your venue feels the more relaxed your customers will be and are more likely to keep coming back to your events.

Security in the backstage area is not only essential to protect the artists but also to secure the many entrance possibilities. By installing adequate safety barriers to prevent unauthorised entry, you can ensure the security of everyone in the area.

Crowd control is one of the many issues that management should address to minimise the risk of injury or death to attendees and staff on the premises. Without adequate safety barriers in place, members of the public can easily become victims of a crushing incident. Our range of both permanent and temporary safety barriers can be installed near entrances so that the flow of guests can be kept under control and the safety of everyone is maintained.

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Verge has a wide range of concert venue safety barriers including guardrails, handrails, bollards, signage and more. Our safety barriers are safety tested to offer maximum security against accidents and can be the difference between a minor fall and a life-changing injury.

For more information on the installation of concert venue safety barriers, and the added security they would bring to your venue, contact our team using our online enquiry form or by calling us at 1800 765 539.