Verge Safety Barriers is one of New South Wales’ leading manufacturers of defence force safety barriers. We work to assist the defence forces in protecting personnel, vehicles and infrastructure with high-quality safety barriers.

Our safety barriers can be easily adapted to fit a range of security needs and work to provide an extra layer of security on-site with uses ranging from safeguarding critical equipment to controlling unauthorised access.

Safety barriers for defence forces

Verge Safety Barriers are available in a variety of sizes, are highly portable and can be quickly and efficiently installed.

Some of our defence force safety barriers include expandable barriers, bollards, self-closing gates and wheel stops and are ideal for a variety of security levels with uses including assisting in crowd control, blocking roads, securing entrances and defining boundaries among other needs.

Verge offers the most reliable and functional safety barriers in New South Wales. Each of our safety barriers are designed to offer security, durability and ease of use.

navy verge safety barriers
air force safety barriers

Depending on client requirements we can provide custom solutions to suit individual needs. Our team of professionals are always looking for new ways to enhance safety in the workplace by developing the best products to create safer working environments.

We are a family-owned business focused on maintaining long-term working relationships with our customers. We measure our success on customer satisfaction and spend time with each of our clients to understand their needs to offer them the best solutions for their company.

Contact our defence force safety barrier team

Safety barriers are an essential part of maintaining the safety of defence force sites. Verge Safety Barriers can help provide on-site protection with safety barriers that are designed with your needs in mind.

Our team members are on hand if you have any questions about Verge Safety Barriers and the advantages of having them installed. Call us on 1800 765 539 or submit a request online to receive a quote from a member of our team today. 

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If you had any issue with selecting a product, need to negotiate on price or want to ask a question please call our team on 1800 765 539

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