Increasing Warehouse Security

3 bulletproof methods of increasing your warehouse security

Warehouse robberies are all too common.

In April 2019, beauty vlogger and makeup artist, Jeffree Star, had more than $2.5 million worth of products stolen from his warehouse. The robbers cut through the ceiling and lifted hundreds of boxes out of the building.

In July, a Melbourne warehouse was ransacked and stripped of their baby formula supplies. The warehouse was targeted five times in two months.

A warehouse is an attractive target for criminals – there’s thousands of dollars worth of stock and valuable machinery to be taken – so it’s important to have bulletproof security measures in place to protect your assets.

We’re here to help. In this blog, we’ve collected three essential security measures you need to have in place to protect your business – and your wallet.

Increasing Warehouse Security - Warehouse Security

#1. Install CCTV security cameras

Did you know one in three businesses will be burgled in their lifetime?

You can prevent burglaries and increase your chances of finding the culprit with a CCTV security system.

CCTV has proven to be a highly effective deterrent against crime and disorderly behaviour. In a recent report, the Guardian interviewed 12 former burglars and found most burglars are opportunists walking the streets, analysing homes and businesses based on their security.

According to these former criminals, barking dogs and visible CCTV security cameras prevented them from robbing specific buildings.

Installing CCTV cameras is invaluable to your business. High definition CCTV cameras can start from just $200, although we recommend spending a little extra cash to get full coverage of the interior and exterior of your warehouse.

Exterior cameras will prevent burglars from breaking in, whereas internal cameras will capture high definition footage of the crime in progress, so the criminals are more easily identifiable.

Increasing Warehouse Security - Warehouse Security

#2. Hire security personnel to monitor the warehouse at night

Alright, so you’ve installed your CCTV security cameras… now who’s going to monitor the footage?

Without professional warehouse security on the premises to monitor the cameras and complete frequent patrols, you’re inviting burglars in to put your staff members, your business and your stock at risk.

CCTV and security guards work hand-in-hand and complement each other to help protect your assets.

Plus, despite your best efforts to keep your warehouse safe, you must have team members on site to respond to emergencies as they arise.

You never know when a crisis will occur – a well-trained security team can alert authorities to immediate dangers like burglaries, attacks, fires, burst pipes and more, preventing catastrophic product loss or harm to your employees.

Increasing Warehouse Security - Warehouse Security

#3. Improve or implement RFID sensors, gates and badges for staff members

Now we’re getting a little more high-tech.

In modern warehouses, RFID enabled sensors and gates can be used to track goods moving from receiving to storage, picking and through to delivery.

By adding RFID tags to delivery driver and employee IDs, you can monitor activities and movement – meaning you’ll know when individuals are in areas they’re not supposed to be.

As an added bonus, you can also monitor best practice and safety practices within the warehouse, so you can keep your employees out of dangerous areas and away from risky machinery.

Protect your warehouse from burglaries and theft with Verge Safety Barriers

Warehouses can often be an easy target for criminals – so it’s crucial to ensure you have some basic security measures in place, including a reliable CCTV security system, a trained security team to monitor the premises by night, and ID badges and sensors to protect your employees as well as your stock.

However, if you’ve got the tech side covered, you’re going to need some heavy duty safety barriers to stop uninvited visitors throughout the night. Heavy safety barriers can protect your warehouse against burglars planning to barrel through in a vehicle – and we’ve got everything you need right here.

At Verge Safety Barriers, we offer a wide range of warehouse security measures, including but not limited to:

  • Pallet loading gate
  • Mezzanine roll-over gate
  • Forklift charging stations
  • Column protectors
  • Full dome mirror
  • Pedestrian safety barriers
  • Warehouse barriers
  • Expandable safety barriers

Check out our warehouse safety solutions for more info on how to protect your business and get a free quote online for safety barriers.