The Verge Vivid Gate is a sturdy gate designed specifically for the protection of pedestrians crossing over forklift thoroughfares. When operating, the Verge Vivid Gate activates a flashing LED light as well as an audible beeping signal. The two key benefits are:

  • This alerts forklift operators that pedestrians are in their work area
  • Alerts pedestrians they are entering a potentially dangerous area and to use caution

The innovative design sounds an audible signal when the light is flashing, to assist operators during periods of low visibility, providing increased protection for pedestrians.

The length of the warning signal is variable to accommodate the length of the crossing.


  • 1m high gate post x 1
  • Vivid gate post x 1
  • 1m wide gate x 1
  • Self-closing hinges x 2
  • Finger latch x 1


  • Description – complete gate assembly, self-closing, stand alone, flashing LED light, audible sounder
  • Materials – Mild steel
  • Overall height – 2230mm
  • Overall width – 1238mm
  • Finish – powder coated yellow.

Verge Vivid Gate Features

Power Supply

The Verge Vivid Gate is battery powered and not hard wired, so there is no need to run power to it. Battery life is expected to last up to 6 months with typical usage in a workplace. When the battery drops below a certain voltage, the LED lights flash alerting you that the battery is low and needs replacing.

The Verge Vivid Gate is powered by standard “D cell” batteries. The Vivid Gate takes 8 batteries. Replacing the batteries is very simple and as they are readily available at any supermarket.

Gate Open Warning

The warning signals are triggered as soon as the gate is opened. The light flashes and the audible beeper sounds for the duration of the time it is activated. This gives you between 10 and 40 seconds, depending on what setting you choose inside the control panel. The product is pre-programmed at 15 seconds as the standard setting.

If the gate is left open for any reason, for example someone propped the gate open, the system will signal four quick beeps every 6 minutes as an alert.

How the gate sensor works

When the Verge Vivid Gate is opened a magnetic read switch activates the alert cycle. The gate is always installed to open inwards, prompting the user to step back when the alert signals are activated, warning both the user and forklift operators to be cautious.

The hardware is pre-programmed for a standard 15 second duration. The cycle length can be adjusted to suit the required amount of time it takes to complete the crossing. 

Warehouse Safety Gate Demonstration

Why Install the Vivid Gate & V-Gate?

The V-Gate and the Verge Vivid Gate provide clear openings and safety warnings to facilitate safer movement between pedestrians and forklifts. The Verge V-Gate with the Vivid light was developed by our Research and Development team to address a critical hazard within warehouses.

Warehouses may have multiple areas where pedestrians are walking through forklift thoroughfares. The standard self-closing Verge V-Gate prompts pedestrians to look both ways before crossing into the forklift aisle.

Forklifts are generally carrying loads, and vision of the walkway can sometimes be restricted this is why Verge Safety Barriers developed the Verge Vivid Self-Closing Gate, which warns both the forklift operator and pedestrians of potential danger zones.