Verge Safety Barriers are a secure way to set up a reliable system for protecting people and property. Their durability makes our safety barriers extremely effective in creating traffic management systems that withstand high impacts as well as establishing perimeters for hazardous areas.

Benefits of installing Verge Safety Barriers

Manufactured from robust materials, our safety barriers are built to handle years of use in busy working environments. Their modular design allows for versatility to restrict access and make work or pedestrian areas safer and more organised.

Creating a safe working environment

Verge Safety Barriers segregate pedestrian walkways from heavy machinery and hazardous areas.

Highly visible design

Our safety products are highly visible to better protect employees with a clearly marked perimeter. 

Robust and secure

Verge Safety Barriers are designed to withstand high impacts from vehicles while protecting pedestrians.


Supplying safety barriers to Launceston

Our safety barriers are available in many different sizes and designs and can be customised to fit your specific requirements. We also offer a range of guardrails, handrails, bollards, mezzanine gates and signage, allowing for additional ways to keep your facility safe.

Verge Safety Barriers are perfect for creating safer working environments in:

  • Warehouses
  • Production areas
  • Transport terminals
  • Commercial outlets
  • Construction sites

Need safety barriers in Launceston?

With a mission to reduce injuries in the workplace by creating safer working environments, Verge Safety Barriers supply high-quality products to satisfy the safety needs of our clients across Launceston.

We will put our expertise to work for you. By understanding your needs, we will help you choose the perfect safety barrier system so that you can enjoy the benefits for years to come.

Contact us today on 1800 765 539 to see how our knowledgeable technicians can help you in finding the ideal safety solution to suit your needs.