Workplaces throughout Bendigo are putting a greater emphasis on improving safety on-site and are finding Verge Safety Barriers to be an ideal solution.  Installing a secure safety barrier system can play a key role in helping reduce pedestrian and vehicular collisions by creating a durable and versatile perimeter.

Considering that 3% of fatal workplace injuries in Australia are due to vehicle collisions and a further 3% of deaths are the result of being hit by moving objects, the potential for damage, injuries and fatalities are extremely high.

Verge Safety Barriers is dedicated to creating a safe and efficient work environment. To avoid tragedies occurring on your premises, or even costly repairs, it’s essential that you install a trustworthy safety barrier system to offer protection in hazardous areas.

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Verge Safety Barriers creating safer workplaces in Bendigo

When it comes to meeting your needs for a robust, efficient working environment, look to Verge Safety Barriers. Our safety barriers perform to the best efficiency and save you money in the long-term while ensuring the safety of your workers, assets and property. Our products are not only easy to install but they also come with a 5-year warranty.

At Verge Safety Barriers, understanding the needs and concerns of our customers enables us to create effective products. As a reputable safety barrier supplier to Bendigo, we earn the trust and respect of our customers every day through our innovative safety solutions and unbeatable customer service.

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We are proud to say that our safety barriers have saved countless lives throughout the years. Our expert technicians are committed to developing products that help reduce the number of preventable injuries.

Contact us today on 1800 765 539 to see how we can improve the safety of your workers and reduce the number of accidents with a dependable safety barrier system.