Verge Safety Barriers protect against dangerous accidents in the workplace. By installing our safety barriers around high-traffic areas and hazardous machinery, you will be able to ensure the wellbeing of your workers while protecting your equipment from damage.

We know that costly accidents in the workplace can cause many problems for your business. Verge Safety Barriers offer an economical way to avoid collisions and falls occurring on your premises.

Made from the most durable materials, Verge Safety Barriers and products are built to withstand heavy usage, all while complying with Australian Standards. Our safety barrier systems are easily installed and are brightly coloured for maximum visibility. 

bunbury safety barriers
Bunbury from Marlston Hill Lookout

Verge Safety Barriers in Bunbury

We stock a wide range of safety barriers that offer protection for different situations and applications. From warehouses and factories to supermarkets and car parks, Verge Safety Barriers are a simple way to protect employees and equipment, define walkways, separate work areas and restrict access.

In areas with a high amount of vehicular traffic, it’s inevitable that collisions will occur. Verge Safety Barriers provide a cost-effective steel safety barrier in your facility for protecting pedestrian walkways, machinery and mezzanines against vehicular accidents.

Our bollards are used to create added security on site through crash prevention and shock absorption. Installing bollards in hazardous zones will prevent damage to your property and reduce the impact of collisions.

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