Safety in the workplace has always been at the core of our business. A vast majority of our experience comes from working with hazardous industries that operate heavy machinery, for this reason, we fully understand the importance of installing safety barriers to protect both employees and members of the public.

Verge Safety Barriers’ central warehouse in New South Wales ensures that your order is promptly delivered so that our safety barriers reach Dubbo in a timely manner and retain the quality they had when they passed our final safety tests.

Verge Safety Barriers delivered to Dubbo

Our success as a trusted supplier of safety barriers for Dubbo is based on our identification of industry requirements and offering suitable and reliable safety products.

Even under the harsh conditions in factories and loading docks or in warehouses where hygiene is of importance such as in the food industry, Verge Safety Barriers’ competence is high in every sector, which contributes considerably to your company’s safety.

Safety Barriers Dubbo

Our safety barriers can act as a safeguard to separate traffic routes from pedestrian walkways, control crowd flow and offer a temporary or permanent solution for guiding the public from hazards. This includes preventing access to unauthorised areas, diverting people from areas with high levels of vehicular traffic and machinery areas while also preventing collisions with building structures and stock.

Some of our most popular safety barriers include:

Do you need safety barriers in Dubbo?

The safety of our clients and their employees is of the utmost importance for us. This is why we reach the highest safety standards by using only the best materials available on the market. As a result, some of our high-profile clients include DHL, Caterpillar, Australia Post, Woolworths, and Toll Logistics.

Verge Safety Barriers has a longstanding history of designing and manufacturing high-quality safety barriers for clients across Australia and can provide fast and specialised support to overcome safety issues in the workplace for businesses in Dubbo.

Contact our safety barrier team in New South Wales on 1800 765 539 or request a call back to see how we can assist you with your security needs.