Accidents happen, especially in commercial and industrial workplaces where vehicles are operating in the same area as pedestrians. Installing safety barriers on your premises will protect your employees and infrastructure while cutting down on the number of expensive collisions.

Verge’s range of safety barriers offers an effective solution for preventing foreseeable accidents for businesses in Hervey Bay.

Safety barriers for warehouses and factories

Warehouses and factories are some of the most dangerous places to work. In fact, the warehousing industry consistently sustains the highest number of fatalities every year in Australia with the majority of worker fatalities caused by forklift collisions.

We supply safety barriers to businesses in Hervey Bay to drastically reduce the number of workplace accidents with our range of bollards, guardrails, handrails, mezzanine gates, protectors and other safety products.

Hervey Bay Beach
Hervey Bay Beach

Why choose Verge for safety barriers in Hervey Bay?

We supply a wide range of high-quality safety barriers and related products at a reasonable price. Verge Safety Barriers undergo strict testing so that we can fully attest to the security and durability of our products.

Our safety barriers can be customised to suit your specific requirements such as dimension, location, colour or functionality according to your budget, aesthetic preference and safety needs.

Contact our safety barrier team

Whether you need safety barriers, mezzanine gates, guardrails, wheel stops or bollards, Verge Safety Barriers has a solution for you. We’ll take the stress out of your project by delivering a professional service that our loyal customers have come to expect. We stick to our word when it comes to budgets and deadlines to keep your property, profits and people safe from hazards as soon as possible.

Get in touch with one of our safety barrier technicians on 1800 765 539 to see how we can assist you in making your workplace a safer environment for everyone on site.