Every employee has the right to work in an environment that’s free from hazards that may cause injury or even death. However, 32% of all work-related injury fatalities are caused by vehicular collisions in Australia.

Verge Safety Barriers supply reliable safety barrier solutions in Mildura. Our products are ideal for any workplace setting and are compliant with Australian Health and Safety regulations. We have designed our barrier systems to prevent accidents while also minimising damage to vehicles, assets and building infrastructures.

Verge Safety barriers in Mildura

Our sturdy safety barriers are effective in creating safe walkways for workers in high-traffic areas by segregating vehicular and foot traffic.

We carry a range of products including handrails, guardrails, expandable barriers, bollards and mezzanine gates. All our safety products offer a quality and durable design to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Verge Safety Barriers are customisable to suit your specific requirements such as dimension, location, colour or functionality and are built to withstand heavy usage in busy environments. We understand that updating your safety system causes downtime to your business so we have designed our safety barriers to be easy to install.

Mildura Airport
Mildura Airport

Why choose Verge Safety Barriers?

We have built our business on an ethos of providing complete customer satisfaction. We meet the demands of all of our customers with a firm focus on supplying quality safety products – we don’t settle for second best and use only the best materials available. We value all customers the same, whether you are a small retail outlet or a large factory.

Need a safety barrier installation in Mildura?

Verge Safety Barriers are designed to provide businesses in Mildura with a flexible solution for creating a safer workplace by minimising potential dangers.

Contact us today on 1800 765 539 to see how we can help you improve worker safety on your premises. Just let us know what your project is about and our safety team will be able to recommend safety products that are both durable and functional.