At Verge Safety Barriers, we operate under the philosophy of safety first. We believe that businesses need access to quality safety barriers and protective products so that the safety of employees and the public is ensured. Our primary goal is to provide the best safety barriers available on the market to make health and safety a priority in every industry.

Over the years, we have developed an outstanding reputation as a leading supplier of safety barriers in Orange. We have been adapting to the ever-changing demands of industries and are continuously updating our products to keep in line with new health and safety regulations.

Safety barriers for maximum protection in the workplace

Safety barriers are crucial in any working environment where falls or collisions can occur. We understand that the needs of each business vary so we have developed a wide range of products including permanent and temporary safety barriers, handrails, guardrails, wheel stops, bollards and signage.

Our safety barriers and protective products offer a cost-effective solution for ensuring the safety of everyone on site.

Safety Barriers Orange
The main street of Orange, Summer Street.

Which companies are using safety barriers in New South Wales?

We have forged longstanding relationships with many reputable businesses in need of safety barriers throughout Australia. As a result of our quality service, we have received many loyal customers for our safety barrier installations in Orange through client recommendations.

Our diverse range of quality safety products has consistently met the needs of our customers from various industries that include the warehouse, logistics, agriculture, commercial, hospitality and transport sectors. Some of our most loyal customers of safety barriers include DHL, Caterpillar, Australia Post, Woolworths and Toll Logistics.

Are you looking to install safety barriers in Orange?

Verge Safety Barriers value the safety of the public as well as the protection of your company’s equipment and infrastructure. From planning and design to manufacturing and installation, our expert team aims to offer the best safety barrier solutions from start to finish.