Verge Safety Barriers manufacture and supply protective barriers and perimeter security systems for customers in the Rockhampton area.  Our safety barrier systems are available as both temporary and permanent solutions and are designed to keep people and property safe.

Our highly-rated products are designed to offer the maximum level of protection and are manufactured with expertise.

Verge Safety Barriers for securing your facility

Our safety barriers, bollards, mezzanine gates, handrails, guardrails and other products work by restricting access to hazardous areas and segregating pedestrian and vehicular traffic. With the installation of robust, highly-visible steel safety barriers you can help protect building structures, assets, mezzanine columns, machinery and, most importantly, employees.

In addition to supplying safety barriers to Rockhampton, we also stock a range of signs which, under Australian Standards, must be erected to warn workers of hazardous areas and outline emergency procedures.

rockhampton safety barriers
Rockhampton with Fitzroy River on the foreground

The Verge Safety Barriers Approach

From planning and design to manufacturing and installation, we aim to give you the best service possible. Our safety barrier solutions are the highest quality products on the market. Our driven, professional team consistently delivers on-time and on-budget as standard. We offer excellent customer service from start to finish, every time.

Our wide range of products means we can offer you the best selection of safety barriers solutions in the industry. Verge Safety Barriers come with a 5-year warranty and have been expertly designed and extensively tested to guarantee they are fit for the job. Our goal is to provide you with high performing products at a competitive price to reduce accidents in the workplace.

Enquire about safety barriers in Rockhampton

It is essential to have a variety of safety barriers and signs to warn of dangerous environments and prevent any accidents from occurring on your property.

Contact us today on 1800 765 539 to see how our safety technicians can assist you in making your workplace a safer environment for everyone on site.