Preventing the occurrence of an accident in the workplace is an important concern for employers, for both the protection of employees and property and to ensure compliance with health and safety standards.

Verge supply a range of safety barriers in Sunshine Coast to businesses that require a cost-effective way to minimise injuries and damage occurring onsite. The installation of safety barriers and related products is vital when you have dangerous machinery, moving vehicles, hazardous materials or unauthorised areas on your premises.  wilcon

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What are the benefits of installing safety barriers?

Installing a reliable safety barrier system in the workplace could be the only thing preventing your workers from potential injury or death. Considering that 3% of fatal workplace injuries in Australia are due to vehicle collisions and a further 3% of fatalities are the result of being struck by moving objects, the need for safety barriers is for your business is self-evident.

Not only do safety barriers protect your workforce but they also offer protection to your buildings and equipment. In a busy environment, wear and tear to your premises is inevitable. High traffic areas such as loading bays and shelving units are likely to be subjected to heavy blows from vehicles, which could result in costly damages.  

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At Verge Safety Barriers, we know that prevention is always the key. By investing in safety barriers for your facility, you could save a considerable amount of money in damage prevention.

As one of the most trusted suppliers of safety barriers in Sunshine Coast, Verge Safety Barriers can help you to protect your business with a whole range of guardrails, handrails, mezzanine gates, bollards and many other products to fit the needs of your premises.
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