Do you work in an industry where it’s crucial to take measures to protect the public, employees or expensive machinery?

Verge Safety Barriers supply a variety of safety barriers and related products to businesses in the Toowoomba area. From robust safety barriers used for absorbing vehicular impacts to signage for outlining safety procedures, we have products that are easy to install and meet the needs of a wide range of working environments.

Safety plays a vital role in the successful running of a busy workplace and managing pedestrian and vehicular traffic should be prioritised to prevent accidents and injuries. Our range of temporary and permanent safety barrier systems can help you create a safe working environment for all.

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Where are Verge Safety Barriers Installed?

In the past, we have supplied safety barriers for warehouses, factories, transport terminals, supermarkets and construction sites, among other locations. Some of our most popular products include handrails, guardrails, bollards, mezzanine gates, signage and car park products.

The majority of our safety barriers are designed and planned to prevent pedestrians from straying into areas with heavy machinery in operation and to absorb vehicular impacts with the building infrastructure.

Safety is a top priority of our company. All of our safety barriers and equipment undergo thorough testing to ensure they comply with Australian Standards, so you can rest assured they’re the best products available on the market.

Enquire About Safety Barriers in Toowoomba

We pride ourselves on our product knowledge and offer a friendly and efficient service where reliability and timing are guaranteed.

If you need assistance in finding the ideal safety barrier system for you, get in touch with us on 1800 765 539 or by filling in our online contact form and one of our technicians will be happy to advise on the best safety barriers or products for your premises.