Verge Safety Barriers is a full-service supplier of safety barriers in Traralgon. We have worked with industry leaders in the warehouse, logistics, commercial and agricultural industries to develop high-grade safety products and solutions that will add to your businesses’ bottom line through accident prevention.

Safety barriers can make a huge difference in averting property damage, traffic collisions and employee injuries within busy working environments. Verge’s strong, durable safety barriers are also beneficial for defining and segregating pedestrian and vehicular pathways in order to establish safety and order on the premises.

Which businesses are using safety barriers in Traralgon?

Verge Safety Barriers has served clients working in a range of sectors including factories, warehouses, workshops, supermarkets, airports, hospitals, defence forces, transport stations, schools and farms.

We have worked with some of the most reputable companies based in New South Wales including Australia Post, DHL, Caterpillar, Woolworths and Toll Logistics.

Safety Barriers Traralgon
Loy Yang A Power Station, Traralgon

Safety barriers for maximum workplace security

Our skilled team can design and install a customised solution to offer the best possible safety, security and traffic management for your business. Verge’s safety barriers come in a range of sizes and styles and are made from concrete, steel or reinforced plastic.

In addition to temporary and permanent safety barriers, we also offer handrails, guardrails, wheel stops, signage and more. Our safety experts will work with you to identify hazards on your premises that can be resolved with a safety barrier system.

Are you looking to install safety barriers in Traralgon?

Creating an extra layer of safety is always a good idea when it comes to business, and we can give you the best possible solutions. We have developed longstanding relationships with many leading companies in Traralgon who only work with reputable safety barrier specialists.

Our safety barriers are guaranteed to protect your business all the way from the car parking area to the inside of your building.