Safety is of utmost importance in every industrial workplace so to ensure the protection of workers many business owners have chosen Verge Safety Barriers as their safety barrier supplier in Wagga Wagga.

Safety barriers are used to stop people from entering hazardous areas, avoid crashes and prevent accidental impacts or other mishaps that may happen in areas of high industrial activity.

According to statistical studies, almost 3% of deaths in the workplace come from being hit by moving objects so it’s a must to recognise the importance for business owners to utilise safety barriers for maximum onsite protection.

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When to install safety barriers?

There are many things to consider before installing safety barriers. In most cases, the reason for installing barriers is to protect people from hazards. Safety barriers such as guard rails, mezzanine gates, handrails and barriers for vehicular traffic are all designed to provide a boundary to prevent accidents. Areas commonly seen with safety barriers installed are hospitals, warehouses, production and construction areas, terminals, loading docks and even in food establishments.

Not only do safety barriers provide protection but they also ensure a pathway for evacuation when needed. Ensuring an open path to escape is essential when designing the safety plans for any workplace. Safety barriers ensure that these pathways are free of obstacles that may cause a bottleneck situation during the height of an emergency.

Aside from protection against hazards, safety barriers also help in improving the workflow in an establishment. In places like factories and warehouses, where people and products are in constant movement, a definite path flow is needed to avoid congestion. Barriers can visibly direct people where to go and improve productivity. As the saying goes, gone are the days where a painted line on the floor is an acceptable means of separation.

Uses for safety barriers

Safety barriers can be used in many various ways. Some of the most significant uses of safety barriers include:

  • Serving as a shield for people against roadside hazards. This is mainly used in agreed clear zones in a roadway system, at curves or in places where construction is underway.
  • Providing a protective barrier in narrowing roads usually on bridges and in warehouses, terminals and port entrances.
  • Ensuring protection of substandard curves or in dangerous turns especially in high elevation.
  • They are used on embankments where the vertical height is more than one metre.
  • Serving to act as a division between the pedestrian lane and the roadway. It also protects pedestrians, especially in highly congested areas.
  • Providing a visible division to alert people from entering dangerous or hazardous zones.
  • Protecting vital parts of an establishment such as columns and posts from accidental knocks and impacts.

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