Safety barriers are the most effective safety measure to significantly reduce the chances of a serious injury or tragedy in the workplace. As a reputable safety barrier supplier to Wollongong, we have earned the trust of our customers through our innovative safety products and outstanding customer service.

Verge Safety Barriers offers increased security onsite by using safety barriers in conjunction with other safety products in our range including handrails, guardrails, bollards and wheel stops. Our safety barriers are highly visible and warn workers and visitors of hazards such as steps, oncoming traffic and restricted access areas.

Safety barriers supplied to Wollongong

We stock a wide range of safety products to allow the safe movement of pedestrian and vehicle traffic with clearly marked routes and heavy-duty safety barriers to protect against collisions. By using safety barriers in the workplace, you can drastically reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring.

Verge Safety Barriers takes pride in the knowledge that our products protect against countless accidents every year. By ensuring our safety barriers meet and exceed the required health and safety standards, we can give you complete peace of mind that we are supplying the best safety barriers in Wollongong.


We also supply a number of additional products that can be used in conjunction with our safety barriers. By installing products such as warning signs around your premises, you can greatly increase safety by alerting people to hazards on the premises and advise them to take extra care in the area.

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By installing safety barriers onsite, your workers will feel secure knowing that their safety is your top priority.

If you need advice on which of our safety barriers is suitable for your needs please get in touch with our safety barrier team on 1800 765 539 to see how we can reduce the number of hazards on your premises.