While a steady flow of foot and vehicular traffic is great news for any manager, storage facilities can be dangerous places. Even the most experienced workers get distracted and make errors that can bring business to a standstill.

The possibilities for incidents to occur in storage facilities are endless, many of which could lead to damaged products and equipment or injury to employees. Some of the most common accidents involve manoeuvring service vehicles, distracted pedestrians and structural issues caused by impacts.

There are many hazards to consider when it comes to safety at storage facilities, especially when service vehicles are operating alongside pedestrian traffic. Without the correct safety procedures, your business may be liable for any damages that take place onsite.

Get maximum protection with storage facility safety barriers

Verge safety barriers have been developed with maximum safety in mind, and are an effective way to keep unauthorised personnel away from machinery, protect workers from falls and keep vehicles and pedestrians away from unsafe areas. Storage facility safety barriers should also be used to protect areas where collisions could cause structural damage to the building. 

Our range of storage facility safety barriers are effective in separating pedestrians from potentially unsafe situations and are used as a visual and physical barrier to define work zones and restricted access areas.

verge storage facility safety products

Safety barriers are essential in separating and defining workspaces, walkways and areas with a high volume of vehicular traffic. Due to limited visibility and lack of protection, a painted line on the floor is no longer seen as an adequate safety measure and will not protect your business against liability costs if an accident were to occur.

Contact our storage facility safety barrier team

Having safe and dependable safety barriers is mandatory for a modern storage facility, and having your workers safeguarded from hazards is equally important. If you have any questions regarding storage facility safety barriers you can contact us through our online enquiry form or call a member of our team today at 1800 765 539.