The Benefits of Preventive Maintenance for Warehouse Doors

The Benefits of Preventive Maintenance for Warehouse Doors

Having well-functioning Industrial doors is imperative in any distribution centre or warehouse. Doors control access to the facility, manage climate control, and serve as the transfer point for goods between the distribution centre or warehouse and the delivery vehicles that transport them.

By engaging in preventive maintenance planning, a distribution centre or warehouse can avoid sudden and unexpected catastrophic failures that lead to severe workplace injuries. This also helps avoid loss in productivity through injury and accident investigations by the regulator, with the potential to attract fines and penalties on the business.

Why is it important to have a preventive maintenance plan

Why is it important to have a preventive maintenance plan?

Whilst normal wear and tear reduce the efficiency of machinery over time; preventive maintenance assures optimal working conditions and conserves the life span of the equipment. A planned preventive maintenance program may be a hindrance to production, but that is nothing compared to the downtime caused by a breakdown of the equipment.

Efficiency is vital to running warehouse operations, with the investment in quality equipment and products, being the key to ensuring peak performance of the business. Doors are critical to running efficient operations because of their numerous uses.

Well-functioning doors allow for efficient movement; while keeping areas separated and sealed off.  They provide security for workers and products.  When the doors are malfunctioning, it creates downtime which impacts productivity, energy consumption, and ultimately revenue.

Some in-house checks can help identify problems for example:

  • When the door makes unusual noises when opening or closing.  Check for wear or damage.  This seems to occur in the case of automatic doors where they become temperamental and may need mechanical or electrical repairs or maintenance.  Visual inspections may identify dents or signs of damage.
  • The operation of safety devices should be tested for proper functionality.  These include electronic devices and control switches; such as photo eyes and breakaway features.  Any damage and malfunction of these devices may compromise the safety of the facility and need immediate attention.
  • The key to a well-operating door is proper lubrication to protect components from corrosion, premature wear, and moisture and will extend the life of your doors.  Clean and lubricate any tracks, sliders, rollers, pulleys, etc as required.
How door repairs and maintenance can improve warehouse safety.

How door repairs and maintenance can improve warehouse safety.

Dock doors are important as they protect valuable products and workers.  Yet often they are not as a high-priority when it comes to repairs and maintenance. 

Well-maintained doors can improve the warehouse safety for example there are:

  • Less chance of door-related injuries, as well-maintained doors in the warehouse, keeps areas sealed off and separates products and workers allowing efficient movement inside the facility.  There are fewer chances of dock doors malfunctioning and causing injury to workers.
  • Dock doors that are made of durable steel and certified fire doors, also block out noise and provide insulation.  These doors automatically close in cases when a fire is detected. Annual certification is not only best practice but required by law.
  • Birds can be costly as they nest in the rafters of the warehouse.  Their feathers and other debris can start electrical fires as the birds like the warmth of the light fixtures.  Well-maintained dock doors can help to alleviate this problem when functioning correctly.
  • Warehouses have expensive equipment, tools, and products on-site, this makes them attractive for thieves.  To ensure theft prevention and reduction, the warehouse must have high-quality doors with excellent security features that are well maintained and working optimally.

Routine warehouse door repair and maintenance provides peace of mind as the equipment and workers are always protected and safe.

The Benefits of Preventive Maintenance Program

The Benefits of Preventive Maintenance Program

Prevention is better than cure; and downtime is costly to the business. A preventive maintenance program is implemented to avoid time-wasting and ensure the continuity of the work activity.

Some of the benefits of preventive maintenance are:

  • Reductions in long-term cost through a proactive approach
  • Minimal down-time with fewer interruptions and operational failures
  • A safer work environment free of hazards and risk
  • Optimal functionality of doors
  • Scheduled maintenance to fit the business needs and
  • Prolong door life-span

Warehouse doors are a business investment.  They are part of the reliability of the day to day activities in running the business efficiently.  

Preventative Maintenance assists in the longevity of the door and its performance because small problems can be identified and corrected before they become significant problems. Thus, preventing major damage and added costs to the business.

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