Health and safety is a legal requirement for business owners and all vineyards must adhere to occupational safety regulations to undertake preventative measures to reduce accidents in the workplace.

On-the-job accidents can have a devastating impact on injured workers and damage the reputation of your vineyard. Our expert team can help determine which hazards are present on your premises and recommend the appropriate vineyard safety barriers needed to remove or minimise risks.

vineyard verge safety barriers

What risks can vineyard safety barriers prevent?

Slippery surfaces such as wet floors and muddy grounds are one of the leading causes of accidents in vineyards. You can drastically reduce the risk of injury by installing vineyard safety barriers around hazardous areas in your facility along with using adequate signage to warn workers of possible dangers.

Equipment used in your vineyard such as electrical tools can cause serious injuries or even death to workers. Safety barriers are an effective way of restricting access to unauthorised personnel and to keep staff working in the area at a safe distance to protect against getting cut, crushed or becoming trapped in machinery.

One in ten injuries in vineyards is the result of a vehicular collision. Crashes are likely to happen regularly onsite and can be both costly and dangerous. By upgrading your premises with vineyard safety barriers and assigning pedestrian walkways, fewer incidents will take place and production can continue safely.

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