What is a Bollard?

What is a Bollard?

Bollards might be an unfamiliar term, but they’ve long been used as boundary markers and barriers and chances are you seen at least one whenever you leave the house. The term is of nautical origin as it was initially created to serve as a post for tying ships onto docks or wharfs. As used today, a bollard is a short vertical post usually found on sidewalks and streets. While traditionally cylindrical in structure, it now comes in many designs and for varied usage. Bollards have their own evolution as their history goes way back to the 17th century.

History of Bollard 

Today, bollards are used as tools in traffic management, primarily to prevent vehicles from mounting pavements, damaging properties, and harming pedestrians. But this has not always been the case. During the 17th century, old cannons were used as bollards in docks to moor ships. By the beginning of the 18th century, bollards made of timber were used for traffic management as carriages were the mode of transportation during that time. The earliest documented timber bollards were the two oak posts constructed alongside Waltham Cross to keep carriages from damaging the Eleanor cross, a monument erected in 1294.

As transportation evolved, bollards have developed as well. From recycled cannons and timber posts, bollards of modern times are now made from iron, steel, aluminium, concrete and other materials. They come in a variety of designs and models, depending on the desired purpose.

Uses of Bollards

  • Security and protectionSecurity and protection

Most commonly, bollards are set up to promote site security through crash prevention and shock absorption. Accidents like a driver losing control of a vehicle are inevitable. Installing bollards in an area will prevent physical damage to property and reduce the impact of crashes. Depending on the durability of material used, a bollard has the capacity to withstand and resist the impact of a vehicle collision.

You can install a bollard to protect machinery, racks, and other equipment in your facility. Verge’s U-Bollard, for instance, is an effective barrier that can help protect vital equipment. Its powder coated yellow colour allows it to be visible. No matter what accident happens in your facility, the bollard will prevent damage to your prized investments. 

  • Visual barrier

Bollards also serve as visual barriers in a variety of ways. As visual barriers, bollards are valuable in controlling traffic. It is useful in areas like parking lots and warehouses where vehicles continuously pass by. Absent a control measure, vehicle operators will likely drive at excessive speeds, which will endanger people and properties. Installing bollards can designate areas into accessible and restricted ones.

Bollards can serve as a barrier to telling drivers that particular areas are restricted to them or to regulate the pedestrian flow in an area. You can choose from Verge’s Bollard with Round Base or Bollard with Square Base for these purposes. Once installed, they will immediately warn pedestrians and vehicle operators to be cautious in specific areas. For a really effective warning, you can also post signs to complement the bollards. 

  • Architectural ornamentation

Aside from protecting properties and regulating traffic, bollards may also be used as architectural design or ornamentation. Thanks to the availability of materials and technology, bollards can be created to complement and improve the appearance of any infrastructure while still protecting property.

Whether you intend to use bollards indoor or outdoor, you should consider its durability; otherwise, installing them would be useless. For a proven sturdy and reliable bollards, trust only Verge Safety Barrier. True to our mission of providing a safe and attractive barrier system for any facility, our products are made from robust steel and designed with utmost safety and visibility in mind.   

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