A Vision, to a Brand, to a Business!

Many years ago, when visiting a large logistics company to assess their safety needs, a man had a vision! His vision was to develop a product that would solve many safety issues across countless warehousing environments. The original Verge Barrier was born. This surface mounted structure was designed to achieve a high level of safety and orderliness in working environments where vehicle traffic and pedestrian movement was an issue. Since then, the range of accessories and other safety products has grown dramatically, and Verge Safety Barriers was established as a business striving for our vision of reducing workplace injuries.

The professional team at verge is always studying the workplace, developing new quality products and solutions to create safe working environments. With years of experience in the warehouse/manufacturing industry and a growing focus on workplace health and safety, verge has developed a range of practical and robust safety products.

With an eye for safety, a passion for quality and a devotion to finding solutions, we consistently produce second to none results.

Customer satisfaction is our measure of success. Not only do we care about your safety needs, we have gone the extra mile to make the solution Simple!

Enhance the safety of your warehouse by investing in Verge Safety Barriers today

Where is Verge required?

Wherever there is interaction of vehicles and people a Verge Barrier should be installed. This may include facilities such as:

  • Freight Terminals
  • Warehouses
  • Production areas
  • Shopping centre car parks
  • Loading docks
  • Hospitals
  • Food and wine industries

Core Values

We are a family owned business and what you’ll find is we really care about your safety needs. Customer satisfaction is our measure of success. With our core values being integrity, focus, openness, consistency and a commitment to exceed expectations, we enjoy happy working relationships with our customers.

Who is using Verge Safety Barriers?

There are businesses across Australia who are currently benefiting from Verge Barriers including: DHL and Caterpillar, Australia Post, Woolworths & Toll Logistics to name a few.


To reduce workplace injury by providing solutions to create safe working environments.

Product Catalogue

Verge warehouse barrier. Hyundai Mobis Eastern Creek - FDC Construction. FORKLIFT SAFETY. Work station protection
Verge Safety Barriers
Verge warehouse barrier. Hyundai Mobis Eastern Creek - FDC Construction. FORKLIFT SAFETY
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If you had any issue with selecting a product, need to negotiate on price or want to ask a question please call our team on 1800 765 539

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