Warehouse & Logistics

Warehouse and logistics facilities are some of the most dangerous places to work. In fact, the warehousing industry has been ranked as having the highest number of workplace fatalities every year in Australia.

Facilities in the warehouse and logistics industries can easily become chaotic places to work in and require an organised layout to ensure security, productivity and reduced downtime. Warehouse safety barriers will help maximise safety and efficiency by separating traffic routes from pedestrian walkways and machinery areas while also preventing collisions with shelving, posts and stock.

Industry & Agriculture

The use of safety barriers in the industrial and agricultural sectors is extremely important to the overall protection of your employees. An unsecured site is an accident waiting to happen.

With the rising cost of workers’ compensation injury claims in Australia, having a reliable safety barrier system in place could not only save you money but also help reduce to the number of injuries onsite and eliminate the downtime of crew members.

Health & Commercial

As the owner of a health or commercial business, you already know that damage prevention, efficiency and profit go hand in hand. Having safety barriers in place allows you to protect your employees from injuries and your inventory from accidental collisions. Security measures such as guardrails and bollards ensure the safety of your workers and stock.

By recognising the hazards within your business and carrying out risk management protocols you can provide a safe and healthy working environment for all.

Hospitality, Recreation & Education

Hospitality and recreation businesses strive to achieve a combination of both style and trustworthiness for their brand image, so why settle for less when it comes to safety systems?

Verges range of hospitality, education, and recreation industry safety barriers are designed with both appearance and functionality in mind to ensure your customers and employees feel safe, all while maintaining a welcoming look and protecting your businesses’ infrastructure from daily wear and tear.


Transport facility managers are aware that running a business involves risks and that observing health and safety standards makes good business sense, but all too often companies in the transport industry only take measures against the hazards faced by their employees and customers following an accident or claim against their business.

Verge can work with you to develop and implement a safety barrier system that is specific to the needs of your transportation site.