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Verge Access Control Booms »

Our innovative easy to use access control boom is a very simple and effective measure that prevents staff or customers from entering potentially unsafe zones or out of bound areas.

These gates have been very effective in applications such as pallet racking aisles, avoiding personnel entering an unsafe zone when forklifts are present, visitor access control, or even in walkway intersections where space is tight, and a swing gate won’t work efficiently. Receiving and dispatch staging areas is another application where these gates work very well as they occupy a very small footprint when open, and create an effective barrier when closed.

The easy lightweight action makes them very user friendly. These gates are designed for access control only, and are not recommended as fall edge protection.

BV068 – Access Control Boom – Up to 1.5m Wide

Code: BV068
Height: 1m High

BV069 – Access Control Boom – Up to 2.4m Wide

Code: BV069
Height: 1m High

Features Of The Verge Access Control Boom™

  • Ease of operation
  • No pinch points
  • Extremely space efficient
  • Dimension flexibility to accommodate custom width
  • Very cost effective
  • Powder coated finish

Applications Of Where Verge Access Control Booms Can Be Implemented

  • Where restricted access is required
  • Warehouse and retail
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Warehouse staging areas
  • Visitor access control

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