Verge Safety Barriers helps businesses solve their workplace safety issues by upgrading traffic management plans and installing appropriate products to create a safe working environment.

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There are businesses across Australia who are currently benefiting from Verge Barriers including: DHL and Caterpillar, Australia Post, Woolworths & Toll Logistics to name a few.

Wherever there is interaction of vehicles and people a Verge Barrier should be installed. This may include facilities such as:

  • Freight Terminals
  • Warehouses
  • Production areas
  • Shopping center car parks
  • Loading docks
  • Hospitals
  • Food and wine industries

The professional team at Verge is always studying the workplace, developing new quality products and solutions to create safe working environments. With years of experience in the warehouse/manufacturing industry and a growing focus on workplace health and safety, Verge has developed a range of practical and robust safety products.

With an eye for safety, a passion for quality and a devotion to finding solutions, we consistently produce second to none results.

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Create a safe working environment

Each case study describes site, location, the problem and our solution and provides specific examples of how the safety products designed by Verge Safety Barriers can be put into practice. We’ve enhanced the safety at various warehouses and sites across Australia and want to show you how we achieve this.

Contact us today to see how we can help in creating a safe work environment for you and your business.

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Verge safety barriers. Forklift charging station. MEDLINE

We are a family owned business and what you’ll find is we really care about your safety needs. Customer satisfaction is our measure of success. With our core values being integrity, focus, openness, consistency and a commitment to exceed expectations, we enjoy happy working relationships with our customers.

Client Case Studies are a chance for us to show you in depth, the work that we’ve completed for happy customers. We give real world examples to show you how our products work and how our customers benefit from them. 

Each project is different, presenting unique challenges that require specific products. We discuss the challenge and the solution of each project in Client Case Studies, explaining which products we used and why.