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The Verge Safety Bollard range incorporates a full range of medium to heavy duty bollard solutions designed for traffic control and asset protection.

Verge have 4 categories of Bollards to assist with almost any application as follows:

Surface Mount Bollards – the most common type of bollard designed to be bolted down into a concrete surface for almost any application

Impact Polymer Bollards – also a surface mount bollard but made from a polymer material which is able to flex and absorb impact from vehicles and plant/equipment

In-Ground Bollards – typically used in construction projects for the ultimate in heavy duty protection

Removable Bollards – designed for applications where occasional access to any area is still required whilst still offering bollard protection.

EV330 – 115mm x 900mm Verge Safety Bollards

Code: EV330
Diameter: 115mm
Height: 900mm

EV332 – 165mm x 1300mm Verge Safety Bollards

Code: EV332
Diameter: 165mm
Height: 1300mm

EV334 – 219mm x 1200mm Verge Safety Bollards

Code: EV334
Diameter: 219mm
Height: 1200mm

EV336 – 102mm x 1000mm x 1200mm Verge Safety U Bollards

Code: EV336
Diameter: 102mm
Height: 1000mm

JV719 – Flexible Verge Bollard

Code: JV719
Diameter: 75mm
Height: 750mm

LV815 – 110mm Polymer Impact Bollard

Code: LV815
Diameter: 110mm
Height: 1125mm
Base Plate Size: 150 x 150 x 8mm

LV816 – 140mm Polymer Impact Bollard

Code: LV816
Diameter: 140mm
Height: 1125mm<br Base Plate Size: 200 x 200 x 10mm

LV817 – 200mm Polymer Impact Bollard

Code: LV817
Diameter: 200mm
Height: 1125mm
Base Plate Size: 250 x 250 x 12mm

EV337 – 115mm x 1500mm Verge Safety In-Ground Bollard

Code: EV337
Diameter: 115mm
Height: 1500mm

EV339 – 165mm x 1500mm Verge Safety In-Ground Bollard

Code: EV339
Diameter: 165mm
Height: 1500mm

EV307 90mm dia In-Ground Removable Lockable Verge Safety Bollards

Code: EV307
Diameter: 90mm
Height: 1000mm

EV309 – 90mm dia Removable Twist Type Verge Safety Bollard

Code: EV309
Diameter: 90mm
Height: 1000mm

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