Verge Safety Barrier Kits

Verge is a unique barrier solution providing a physical yet attractive separation between pedestrians and moving plant such as forklifts, tow tugs and warehouse vehicles. With a range of accessories such as V-Stop and V-Gate, Verge is a complete system for warehouse safety management.

Improve safety with Verge Barriers

Verge is a unique barrier solution providing a safe segregation of vehicles and people. Verge Barriers create a strong physical boundary between pedestrians and moving equipment such as forklifts, toe tugs and other vehicles used inside industrial warehouses and facilities.

The barriers provide protection against vehicles moving into a designated walkway and conversely limits pedestrians from moving outside their designated path.

The barriers are made of robust steel that will withstand the impact of a forklift driving into the barrier; without the barrier falling over.

Maintenance of Verge Safety Forklift Barriers

Damaged components can easily be replaced due to the modular design. The Barriers and Gates are modular and it is just a matter of replacing that part. Seamless changeover of parts saves a lot of time.

The ease of relocating the Verge safety barrier makes it a life time investment. In the event of moving premises it is a simple matter of unbolting and re-erecting in the new location.

Enhance the safety of your warehouse by installing Verge Safety Barriers today

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