Verge–ECO Pedestrian Safety Rail

Verge Eco-Rail™

Verge–ECO Pedestrian Safety Rail »
Verge–ECO Pedestrian Safety Rail »

The Verge-ECO™ rail is a 1m high handrail system designed to keep personnel from straying off a designated pathway into harm’s way.

The Verge-ECO rail™ is a flat-packed modular barrier system. Kits are available in 3m lengths that simply lock together with couplings to form a continuous barrier in lengths you require.

It’s easy to order and install – Start with a STARTER BAY, add as many ADD-ON BAYS as you require, and finish it with an END-BAY. We want to make it as easy as possible for you so if you would like assistance give us a call.

CV101 – Verge-ECO Stand-alone Bay Kit 3m

Code: CV101
Overall Size: 3000W x 1000H

CV102 – Verge-ECO Starter Bay Kit 3m

Code: CV102
Overall Size: 3000W x 1000H

CV103 – Verge-ECO Add-on Bay Kit 3m

Code: CV103
Overall Size: 3000W x 1000H

CV104 – Verge-ECO End Bay Kit 3m

Code: CV104
Overall Size: 3000W x 1000H

CV105 – Verge-ECO Rail End Kit 1.5m

Code: CV105
Overall Size: 1500W x 1000H

CV111 – Verge-ECO Rail Starter Stanchion

Code: CV111
Description: Verge-ECO Rail starter stanchion complete with fittings.

CV112 – Verge-ECO Rail Mid Stanchion

Code: CV112
Description: Verge-ECO Rail mid stanchion complete with fittings.

CV113 – Verge-ECO 32NB Round Top-Rail 3m Long

Code: CV113
Description: 32NB round rail 3m long – yellow

CV114 – Verge-ECO 25NB Round Mid-Rail 1.3m Long

Code: CV114
Description: 25NB Round Rail 1.3m long – yellow

CV115 – Verge-ECO 32NB Straight Handrail Joiner

Code: CV115
Description: 32NB Straight Handrail Joiner

CV116 – Verge handrail 32 NB 90˚ Elbow joiner

Code: CV116
Description: Verge handrail 32 NB 90˚ Elbow joiner

CV117 – Verge handrail 32 NB 45˚ Elbow joiner

Code: CV117
Description: Verge Eco handrail 32 NB 45˚ Elbow joiner

CV118 – Verge-ECO 25NB 90˚ Elbow joiner

Code: CV118
Description: 25NB 90˚ Elbow joiner

CV119 – Verge-ECO 25NB 45˚ Elbow joiner

Code: CV119
Description: Verge-ECO 25NB 45˚ Elbow joiner

CV120 – Verge-ECO Rail 32 NB Plastic End Cap

Code: CV120
Description: Verge-ECO Rail 32 NB Plastic End Cap

Stanchion Assembly VEC – SA1

Code: SA1
Description: Powder coated safety yellow
Verge Eco-EDGE

CV131 Eco-EDGE 3000MM

Code: CV131

CV135 Eco-EDGE Edge Joiner

Code: CV135
  • Fully Modular – Fast, efficient, affordable and Flexible
  • Powdercoated safety yellow – highly visible
  • Flat-pack – Reduced transportation costs.
  • In stock ready to dispatch – fast turnaround times
  • Compliant with Australian standards AS1657-2013 
  • ‘Ready to tighten’ couplings – insert tube and tighten with a Hex key. (Easy to relocate, repair and replace) 
  • Protects your staff – keeps them out of harm’s way
  • Versatile accessories –  flexible to fit any application
  • Quality guaranteed! – Designed and built in Australia by VERGE.
  • Easy to order
  • Fast assembly time – Reduced site disruption
  • Easy to install (no cutting, no welding, no mess) 
  • Comes in kit form (all  fixings included)
  • Description – Modular barrier rail
  • Material – Mild steel
  • Height – 1m
  • Length – as requested
  • Finish – powder coated safety yellow
  • Weight – 9.2 kg / m 

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