Verge Hy-WALL comes in 1.5m-5.5m high barrier!


Verge Hy-Wall is the superior barrier solution designed for the safe compounding of stillages and ULD stackable creates Verge Hy-Wall offers complete protection by containing falling items should a stack of stillages topple.Our unique system will also withstand impact from a laden forklift in the event of an accidental crash. This fully self-standing structure is a modular design providing total flexibility of the required compound size without relying on the structure of the building.

Although Verge Hy-WALL is constructed from module components each structure is specially designed to meet the desired application.

Hy-wall comes in several height options ranging from 1.5m–5.5m

Installation is quick and easy, thanks to the simple modular componentry precisely manufactured.

Finish: yellow

Aust Post are enjoying the safe solution for the storage of their ever growing ULD storage requirements.

Verge Hy-WALL BARRIER 5.5m high

hy-wall barrier warehouse safety

Product Features

Modular bolt together barriers system with multiple height options designed to contain ULD stillages from falling onto equipment or personnel if toppled.

Material – mild steel
Finish – Yellow


  • Warehouse and distribution
  • E-commerce outlets
  • Post and parcel freight facilities
  • Wool stores
stillage containment zone

ULD Storage Solution

ULD Storage solution​

Verge Hy-WALL Structure Options

hy-wall safety barrier

Verge Hy-WALL Rail Option 3.6m High

sydney warehouse safety wall
Verge Hy-WALL combi 3.6m high
mesh warehouse safety
Verge Hy-WALL Mesh 3.6m high

Verge Hy-WALL Installations

post office warehouse safety
Verge Hy-wall installation
warehouse safety australia
Hy-wall installation in warehouse
warehouse safety
Verge Hy-wall closeup
verge hywall spillage containment
Top view of Verge Hy-wall
spillage containment
Hy-wall safety installation
hywall spillage containment
Warehouse safety Verge Hy-wall
verge spillage containment
Close up of Verge Hy-wall
warehouse hywall safety
Verge Hy-wall
hywall warehouse safety
Top view of Hy-wall safety
warehouse safety hywall
Verge Hy-wall warehouse installation
warehouse spillage containment
Verge Hy-wall on factory floor
warehouse spillage containment
Verge warehouse Hy-wall
hywall spillage containment
Verge safety Hy-wall
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