Lack of adequate safety barriers poses a risk that health care administrators must identify and control. Patients who have problems with mobility or need assistance in walking must have access to handrails to keep them from harm.

Safety products such as handrails are used in aged care facilities to protect vulnerable residents from falling. Without installing necessary aged care facility safety barriers, health care organisations can be penalised for failing to take appropriate precautions for protecting residents.

verge aged care facility safety barriers

Benefits of aged care facility safety barriers

A lack of aged care facility safety barriers can lead to serious injuries and, in rare cases, death can occur where vulnerable adults cause significant damage as a result of falling.

With the constant stream of visitors, patients and staff, it’s not surprising that the facilities’ car parking areas are hazardous places. Most aged care facilities use a number of safety bollards to keep everyone on the premises safe. Safety bollards are an effective way to ensure safety and prevent expensive damage to buildings due to vehicular collisions.

A member of our team can visit your facility to carry out a risk assessment to ensure all potential hazards are identified and safety barrier installations are made to follow all health and safety guidelines.

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Verge stock a wide range of aged care facility safety barriers including bollards, expandable barriers, wheel stops and handrails. Our barriers will help to minimise the risks at your aged care facility and ensure that your patients and staff are well-protected.

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