Having airport safety barriers is essential for the protection of employees and passengers, guarding machinery and preventing access to unauthorised areas. Security breaches can result in flight cancellations and a diminished reputation for the airport.

Verge has been working with airports to ensure they have the best protection onsite. Our range of airport safety barriers come in a range of designs to suit your security needs. We have many options that are low-maintenance and are highly-visible for added safety.

verge airport safety barriers

Benefits of using Verge airport safety barriers

Our airport safety barriers are ideal for a variety of needs, whether it’s segregating pedestrian and vehicular traffic, preventing access to out-of-bound areas or signs to alert airport visitors and staff to hazards.

Verge’s high-quality products include bollards, expandable barriers, wheel stops and self-closing gates are ideal for a range of security levels. We have developed our airport safety barriers to protect and prevent against accidents, assist in crowd control, block roads, secure entrances and define boundaries.

We use first-class materials combined with the latest designs to offer maximum protection to building structures, vehicles and people.

Verge offers some of the most durable, reliable and cost-effective solutions for airport security available on the market. Our airport safety barriers can be tailored to your requirements and provide outstanding protection against vehicular collisions and other types of incidents that could cause damage or injury on the premises.

Contact our airport safety barrier team

Safety barriers are critical for maintaining security in both internal and external areas of airports. Verge aims to provide onsite protection with safety barriers that are developed with your specific requirements in mind. Call one of our safety experts on 1800 765 539 or submit a request online to receive information on the appropriate airport safety barriers you need for your project or to get a free quote.