When visiting a caravan park, knowing your way around, locating facilities and understanding what is permitted onsite are important for factors for guests. Caravan park safety barriers will help visitors navigate their way around the site to make their stay more enjoyable.

Well-placed signage can help to attract visitors and keep them safe while at your caravan park. First impressions count so it’s important for business owners to consider purchasing aesthetic and high-quality safety products to give customers a positive welcome.

caravan park safety barriers

Protect visitors with caravan park safety barriers and signage

Visitor safety is of the utmost importance while staying at your caravan park. One of the most effective ways of ensuring guests remain protected onsite is with the use of adequate signage placed throughout the premises. Signage informing vehicles of the potential of pedestrians walking in the area is particularly effective in encouraging acceptable vehicular speeds while travelling on private roads, where a low speed limit would benefit the safety of everyone.

As a caravan park owner, it is important that you know who is staying on the premises. Verge’s range of safety barriers is the ideal solution for caravan parks to control vehicles entering and exiting your park. Our expandable barriers are highly durable and are designed for frequent use. Our caravan park safety barriers can also be used to securely close the site if the park is closed or fully-booked.

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Our caravan park safety barriers have been developed to give business owners an economical solution to minimise threats to safety on site. All of our products are built to the highest safety standards and provide full durability.

Verge’s caravan park products reduce the risk of vehicular damage while providing excellent pedestrian safety to guarantee that your visitors are well-protected during their stay.

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