Cellar doors are an excellent way to grow interest in your business, help customers understand how your product is made and allow them to further understand the identity of your brand. However, it’s essential that you create a safe environment inside your cellar door to ensure the well-being of guests.

Verge’s range of cellar door safety barriers includes handrails, bollards, guardrails and expandable barriers so you can offer better protection to customers and separate areas that may put visitors at risk of serious injury.

cellar door verge safety barriers

What dangers can cellar door safety barriers prevent?

When planning your cellar door, you should anticipate that where there is alcohol, there will be spills. Even a small spillage can have serious consequences. If a customer were to slip and suffer an injury on your premises it could result in a costly pay-out and damage the reputation of your business. With adequate signage, you can prevent customers from slipping on wet surfaces to ensure the maximum protection of everyone onsite.
It is not always possible to have a cellar door with level flooring areas so in zones where there are changes in elevation it’s important to make sure all steps are marked with signage and handrails are installed.

Cellar doors see a steady flow of vehicular traffic and pedestrian traffic so walkways around the exterior of the premises, including parking areas, should be adequately secured. Walkways can be sectioned off from high-traffic areas using guardrails while restricted areas for vehicles can be blocked using bollards.

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