While warehouses store product, the purpose of a distribution centre is to keep goods on the move, getting them in and out swiftly and effectively.
distribution centre safety solutions

Distribution centres support high-velocity supply chains. They provide a facility to consolidate shipments and break down bulk shipments into smaller loads for customer distribution. The effectiveness of a distribution centre lies in its ability to promptly receive, store, process, and send out goods. Safety is paramount in high turnover distribution centres. Stored goods must be protected from moving vehicles, pedestrians must be protected from moving vehicles, and moving vehicles must be protected from each other.

Distribution Centre Safety Solutions

Verge Rack-PRO Pallet Rack End Protector 

Goods stored in distribution centres are commonly stored in pallet racks. Pallet rack damage is a major WHS issue. Pallet racks in distribution centres are at risk of damage from moving vehicles, especially forklifts, because of the constant traffic of pallets in and out of the distribution centre. 

The Verge Rack-PRO Pallet Rack End Protector is a robust guard designed to protect assets against costly forklift impacts. Protecting pallet racking uprights is of vital importance to avoid potential disasters. Replacing pallet racking and inventory due to avoidable damage is very costly, therefore by preventing such damage means significant long-term savings. 

Rack End Barrier Single

Verge Rack-PRO

Verge Rack-PRO is a modular system and has low replacements costs. If it gets damaged you only need to replace the damaged part saving you up to 70% in repair costs. Verge Rack-PRO Pallet Rack End Protector measures 300mm high with heavy-duty corners measuring 400mm high providing extra protection for corners which are subject to frequent impact. Verge Rack-PRO comes in two standard lengths to suit your racking configuration. Rack-PRO can also be used to protect walls, work areas, low-height platforms, coolrooms and machinery. 

Distribution Centres Benefiting from Verge Safety Barriers

Australia Post is a business that is currently benefiting from using Verge Safety Barrier products. Australia Post provides the perfect example of a business that operates distribution centres with safety in mind.

Australia Post process thousands of incoming and outgoing goods everyday through their distribution centres and are glad to have Verge Safety Barriers on board. With Verge products, Australia Post workers are protected against accidents in their distribution centres.  

Distribution Centre Safety Solutions from Verge Safety Barriers

Distribution Centre Safety Solutions

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