The increase in technology in recent years has resulted in more vehicle owners choosing electric cars as their main mode of transport. As the demand for electric vehicles grows, so does the need for electric vehicle charging stations. While electric vehicle charging stations are very limited in Australia, customers could still choose to charge their car at an alternative station if they felt your premises was unsafe.

Electric vehicle charging stations require a new set of parking facilities to keep both vehicles and equipment safe and convenient. By providing your customers with a secure electric vehicle charging station, they will appreciate you and your business even more.

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What electric vehicle charging station safety barriers are available?

It is essential that electric vehicle charging stations use adequate safety barriers such as wheel stops, guardrails and bollards to protect property and equipment. These barriers also help define the separation between charging stations and other areas such as general parking spaces and pedestrian walkways.

Bollards can be used to prevent damage to the electric vehicle supply equipment, while wheel stops are effective in preventing vehicles from overhanging the curb and inhibiting access to the charging station.

We have developed our electric vehicle charging station safety barriers to give businesses a cost-effective option to maintain safety on their premises. All of our products are durable, stylish and low-maintenance and have been safety tested to ensure maximum protection for your customers.

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