As an engineering business owner or manager, it is your responsibility to take care of employees, contractors and visitors to your facility by reducing the number of hazards on-site.

Verge Safety Barriers is committed to continuously improving the standard of safety throughout the workplace. All of our engineering business safety barriers have been assessed to comply with the highest health and safety standards to ensure maximum performance and protection.

verge engineering business safety barriers

Which engineering business safety barriers should I install?

When it comes to engineering business safety equipment, guardrails are considered the first method of protection for workers who may be exposed to fall hazards. Guardrails should be installed around work platforms, floor openings, ramps and other areas where a worker is at risk of falling.

It is essential that all work areas within your engineering business are maintained in a safe condition.  Proper and sufficient warning signs should be installed wherever hazards exist, such as areas where moving machinery is in operation, areas with dangerous substances are stored and zones with electrical hazards.

Verges’ range of engineering business safety barriers ensures worker safety within your facility. Some of our safety products include guardrails, expandable barriers, warning signs, pedestrian workflow systems and parking bollards to protect against falls, operational machinery and vehicle collisions both inside and outside your premises.

All of our engineering business safety products are designed to withstand all potential impacts that may be applied to them for maximum protection in your facility.

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