The agricultural sector continues to be a leading contributor to the local and national economy of Australia. However, with the increasing use of farm machinery, the well-being of agricultural workers is often threatened by the risk of injury or death.

The government has declared the agricultural industry as a national priority in the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy due to the numerous hazards involved in farm work including sun exposure, chemical spills and working with animals. This has incentivised many agricultural employers to look into the benefits of installing farm shed safety barriers.

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Keep agricultural workers safe with farm shed safety barriers

Some of the greatest hazards on the farm include moving machinery parts, areas with high levels of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, areas containing livestock, unrestricted access to chemicals and unguarded slurry tanks.

The most effective way of ensuring a safe and secure work area is to install farm shed safety barriers to restrict access to hazardous areas and to offer an extra layer of protection to workers who may otherwise be at risk of vehicular accidents or falls from heights.

Verge’s line of farm shed safety barriers help to improve the level of safety among workers engaged in the agriculture sector by providing high-quality, durable products that comply with all health and safety regulations. All of our farm shed safety barriers are crash-tested to ensure vulnerable areas have the maximum level of protection.

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Verge Safety Barriers offer a wide range of options for the agricultural sector with our diverse line of farm shed safety barriers and other products which can provide protection for employees.

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