verge fuel depot safety barriers

Over the decades Verge Safety Barriers has supplied hundreds of safety barriers for fuel depots and related businesses. We have honed our skills and practices so that our team can always find the best options for each customer and circumstance. We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that exceed the safety, durability and aesthetic demands of fuel depots.

Verge’s line of fuel depot safety barriers are developed and constructed to be the best on the market and are manufactured in accordance with all health and safety standards. Based on our vast experience, we have produced safety products that are designed with maximum worker safety in mind, especially in areas with hazardous substances.

Protect your employees with reliable fuel depot safety barriers

Due to the potentially severe consequences that an accident at a fuel depot could cause, it is vital that safety barriers are installed correctly and appropriately.

One of the most important reasons for installing fuel depot safety barriers is for protection against vehicular damage. Safety barriers will safeguard buildings or structural walls against damage caused by collisions. We stock a range of dome mirrors and speed bumps which are designed to improve occupational safety as well as a variety of guardrails to mark the routes for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Verge Safety Barriers manufactures and installs only the most dependable crash-tested safety barriers and products to prevent vulnerable areas, ensuring the highest level of protection on-site.

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Verge Safety Barriers offer flexible security options with our diverse line of fuel depot safety barriers, parking bollards and expandable barriers which can provide protection from hazards caused by heavy machinery and vehicles.

If you would like further information about any of our fuel depot safety barriers or want to discuss your requirements in more detail then please get in touch with us using our online contact form or by calling us at 1800 765 539.