Grain terminal facilities are hazardous environments for employees to work in. Workers are often exposed to numerous life-threatening dangers such as asphyxiation from becoming entrapped in grain bins, falls from high platforms and amputations caused by grain handling machinery.

Many of these dangers can be avoided with the installation of grain terminal safety barriers in high-risk areas throughout the facility. Verge Safety Barriers stock a wide range of grain terminal safety barriers to protect areas such as walkways, machinery, building structures and platforms.

verge grain terminal safety barriers

What are the benefits of grain terminal safety barriers?

Employers have a responsibility to follow health and safety regulations in order to maintain a secure working environment for employees. Due to the potentially severe consequences that an accident at a grain terminal could cause, it is essential that safety barriers are installed appropriately throughout the facility.

Mechanical equipment within grain terminals presents a serious risk of entanglement and amputation. Employees can easily get caught in improperly protected moving parts and suffer devastating injuries so it is vital to have grain terminal safety barriers in place to ensure the full protection of everyone onsite.

Grain terminals have high levels of vehicular and pedestrian traffic operating within the same area. Safety barriers keep workers at a safe distance from zones where the loading, storage and transport of grain may pose a significant risk to their wellbeing, along with preventing access to restricted areas within the grain terminal.

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Verge Safety Barriers offer a diverse line of high-quality options for grain terminal safety barriers and expandable barriers which can provide maximum protection against falls, machinery and vehicles.

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