verge warehouse safety barriers

Hardware stores stock a range of expensive materials and receive many daily deliveries so it’s essential to ensure all the correct security procedures are in place by installing hardware store safety barriers.

Safety barriers are essential in the workplace, especially in businesses that stock heavy items which could cause extensive damage if an accident were to occur.

No matter what the business, so long as there is human input there will also be the risk of human error. Appropriate safety measures must be put in place to minimise hazards to keep your hardware store as safe as possible.

What are the Benefits of Hardware Store Safety Barriers?

Any area that poses a physical threat to workers or pedestrians requires adequate safety precautions. Safety barriers will ensure the safety of your staff and customers while also protecting your stock and machinery.

Accidents in the workplace are inevitable, but business owners can minimise the risks by installing safety barriers to avoid major incidents such as collisions with machinery or vehicles hitting customers by rerouting pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Safety barriers that are properly selected and positioned can greatly limit the damage caused by accidents.

verge hardware store safety products

Verge Safety Barriers stock a wide range of products that are designed to block entry into potentially dangerous areas along with barriers used to segregate traffic, and protect warehouses against vehicular accidents. Our high visibility barriers absorb shocks and knocks to protect products from damage by forklifts and other stock handling vehicles.

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Verge Safety Barriers is a family-owned business and focus on manufacturing the highest quality barriers to protect your business.

We stock a wide variety of hardware store safety barriers including forklift safety barriers, warehouse safety barriers, expandable barriers, parking bollards and more.

If you have any questions about Verge Safety Barriers and the advantages of having them installed in your hardware store, then we would be happy to hear from you.

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