Many heliports across Australia – most of which are run by hospitals – fail to meet the most basic of safety standards and are overcome with a range of hazards.

Without the adequate use of heliport safety barriers to keep hospital employees and patients at a safe distance, they are at risk of being exposed to hazards associated with helicopters such as the tail rotor and helicopter blades. These blades spin at between 250 and 600 rpm and can cause severe injuries or fatalities to those nearby. Loose objects and items of clothing can also get sucked into the engine air fans causing the helicopter to breakdown or cause injury to those standing in close proximity.

verge heliport safety barrier

Benefits of installing heliport safety barriers

We aim to create a safe environment for heliport facilities to minimise risk and liability issues. Our expert team can work closely with heliport operators to find a suitable solution for improving the premises.

Some of our most popular heliport safety products include barriers for restricting access to landing areas, handrails for creating safe passageways, signage for dangerous areas and more.

Verge’s team of experts works directly with all our clients to ensure that safety needs are met while complying with all health and safety regulations. We aim to exceed standards and provide innovative solutions to achieve immediate solutions.

Contact our safety barrier team

Whether your Heliport needs expandable barriers, guardrails, handrails, bollards, or even an entire heliport safety barrier system, Verge has everything you need.

We are a family-owned company with years of experience in safety barrier installations. Our team of experts can assess which products are the best fit for your heliport.

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