Every hotel manager knows that there are many factors involved in running a successful establishment but safety should be the main priority. In the hotelier industry, it is crucial to keep on top of the latest safety codes to keep your guests as comfortable and secure as possible.

Our expert team can design and install hotel safety barriers for use on balconies, walkways, ramps, stairways and elevated surfaces. All of our hotel safety barriers are fabricated to the highest standards, adhering to all current building and safety regulations.

verge hotel safety barriers

What are the benefits of hotel safety barriers?

Hazardous areas in hotels are a continuing concern for managers wanting to ensure the safety of their guests. In recent years, many managers have upgraded their hotel’s safety standards to observe Australian health and safety laws and decrease the chances of an accident occurring on the property.

Your business’s responsibility for guest safety does not end at the front door. Many accidents occur in the parking area of the hotel so installing bollards and pedestrian walkways is a sure way to protect your guests from vehicular accidents while visiting your hotel.

Verge creates a variety of hotel safety barriers, guardrails, handrails and other safety products that can be designed and installed to suite your specific requirements. Our hotel safety barriers are built to last and have undergone safety tests to ensure maximum protection.
Over the years, we have earned a reputation for providing quality products to all of our clients and are committed to giving excellent service. Our hotel safety barriers could be the only thing preventing a guest from having a preventable devastating accident on your premises.

Contact our safety team

We at Verge are experienced in the installation of hotel safety barriers and have a dedicated team of experts that can assist you on your project. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using our online enquiry form or by calling 1800 765 539.