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Verge Safety Barrier’s IMPACT product range combines the latest in warehouse safety technology to prove to you flexible and polymer barriers which are perfect for any workplace environment. 

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With a large range of products find the perfect safety solution for your warehouse with Verge’s IMPACT range. Our products are made with industrial grade polymer.

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Vehicle Barrier

Impact Vehicle barrier is a very robust barrier modular ploy barrier system designed to absorb impact from moving plant and equipment protecting pedestrians and equipment from harm and preventing permanent damage to the barrier and concrete slab.

  • Posts 200mm OD @ 2m centres
  • Rails 140mm OD

Available Sizes:

1125mm High – Ideal for the protection of

Pedestrians / Assets / Building

725mm High – Ideal for the protection of

Racking/ Assets / Building

450mm High – Ideal for the protection of

Cool Room Panel Walls / Building

Pedestrian Barrier

Impact pedestrian barrier provides a great segregation between pedestrian and work areas keeping your staff from straying into harms way. The absorptive capacity of the ploy barrier system prevents permanent damage the barrier and concrete slab if impacted by moving plant.
Impact offers 2 models of pedestrian barrier 2 rail and 3 rail

Post height 1125mm
Posts 110mm OD
Rails 75mm OD

The Impact Pedestrian barriers come in module with posts centres @ 1.5m

Overhead Door Protectors

Impact Overhead Door Protector. Protect your doorways with the heavy duty 200mm OD Impact modular Poly Overhead door protector.

Easy to create the perfect size match to suit your unique door size. Very simple and easy to install.

Column Protector

Size 1125 high x 900w x 900D (adjustable)

Impact column protectors are a great way to prevent costly damage to building columns. The high strength impact polymer is designed to absorb impact and protect the building columns and concrete floor reducing costly repairs. A great product for busy warehouse environments where forklift movements are frequent.

Impact High-wall

Height 2225mm, Posts 200mm OD, Rails 110mm OD

IMPACT High Wall is designed to safely contain multi stacked pallets from toppling into areas that could potentially cause damage or injury.
Easy modular design makes it very adaptable and can be configured to accommodate all shape and sizes.

Impact Bollard

200mm OD

1125mm High

250 x 250 baseplate

110mm OD 

1125mm High 

150 x 150 baseplate