Joinery workshops can be dangerous places but by implementing basic safety measures, you can decrease the risk of serious injury or death. In busy areas where heavy machinery and power tools are in use, every possible precaution is needed to offer maximum security to employees and visitors to the workshop.

The installation of joinery workshop safety barriers can prevent a simple mishap from turning into a tragedy. A member of the Verge team can visit your joinery workshop to help identify the various health and safety risks found on your premises and recommend the necessary safety products needed to eliminate or reduce hazards.

verge joinery workshops safety barriers

Benefits of installing joinery workshop safety barriers

When working in a joinery workshop there is the very high chance that loose clothes or jewellery might get caught in a saw blade or cutting head, especially if untrained personnel enter the areas where these tools are operating. This is why it is important to install joinery workshop safety barriers and railings to keep workers at a safe distance and prevent disasters from occurring.

It is essential that employers ensure the workspace and floor are fitted with adequate safety barriers and rails and that obstacles are clearly defined to reduce the likelihood of slips, trips and falls which are the most common form of injury in joinery workshops.

Vehicles operating in the area can hit pedestrians, so it is important that drivers and pedestrians remain segregated with marked walkways and safety barriers to prevent accidents.

Contact the Verge Safety Barriers team

We stock a wide range of joinery workshop safety barriers including parking bollards, guardrails, handrails, expandable barriers and more.

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