Logistic business warehouses have a large amount of pedestrian and vehicle traffic and require a smart layout and best practice safety measures to ensure the complete protection of workers, as well as a reduction in interruption to business due to workplace accidents. Verge Safety Barriers offer logistic businesses a range of warehouse safety barriers, forklift safety barriers, and other products to help maximise safety and efficiency in logistic warehouses.

Benefits of Verge Safety Barriers for Logistics Businesses

For logistics companies, it is essential to safeguard warehouses with adequate safety barriers and designated walkways. One of the main advantages of installing warehouse Verge Safety Barriers is to reduce any possible damage to vehicles. If your warehouse is lacking in safety equipment, a forklift and other vehicle collision could result in costly repairs. In the event of an accident, a Verge Safety Barrier will significantly reduce the risk of injury and damage to the vehicle. While traditional steel barriers will protect to a certain level, its core material will cause significant damage to the vehicle and cause a potential risk to the vehicle operator. Verge Safety Barriers are designed to absorb shocks and knocks to minimise damage.

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Safety barriers are also crucial in keeping your workers safe and material protected against unnecessary damage caused by human error. It only takes one lapse in judgement to cause a lot of damage to your team members, stock or vehicles.

Figures show that 28% of all workplace fatalities happen in the transport, postal and warehousing industry. The Verge range of practical and robust safety products are speciality made with safety in mind to minimise the risk of injury in your logistics business.

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