Lumber yards cover large areas and customers often need to walk around in order to find the wood needed for their project.  Business owners are legally responsible to provide a safe environment for both visitors and workers on the premises.

Some of the most accident-prone areas onsite include the yard, warehouse, depot, workshop and car park, where vehicles, employees and customers are frequenting the same area. This mixture of vehicular and foot traffic can be disastrous without the correct safety measures in place.

verge lumber yard safety barriers

Safety barriers for your lumber yard

With the majority of visitors and employees arriving at the premises by vehicle, it’s necessary to take precautions for their safety. Lumber yard safety barriers are one of the most effective ways to define or restrict vehicle access to out-of-bounds areas. Verge’s range of lumber yard safety barriers is designed to withstand vehicular impact if a collision to minimise injury and damage.

Even a small mistake while handling lumber can cause serious injury or death to visitors or employees. The most common accidents include trips, slips, falls and entrapment under the lumber due to inadequate safety barriers and signage. Verge safety barriers are extremely effective in keeping people out of dangerous areas where saws and other hazardous machinery are operating as well as supporting or containing lumber if a vehicular crash were to happen. 

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Verge Safety Barriers are a family-owned business and are dedicated to improving safety in the workplace. Our lumber yard safety barriers are designed to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities by offering physical safeguards to reduce the extent of damage caused or by preventing it from occurring in the first place. Some of our most effective lumber yard safety barriers include expandable barriers, signage, parking bollards and more.

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