Verge Safety Barriers is working to reduce accidents in the workplace with their range of meat packing safety barriers.

Hazardous conditions such as vehicle collisions, injuries from machines and falling objects remain the biggest causes of accidents in meat packing plants in New South Wales. Verge Safety Barriers has a track record of improving workplace safety with their range of safety barriers which are specially designed with the protection of workers in mind.

Meat packing safety barriers

We are experts in recognising hazards in meat packing factories. Our team work to identify and reduce safety risks in areas where accidents are likely to occur.

Pedestrian activity is one of the leading concerns of management in meat packing plants. With the correct use of safety barriers, operational areas can be restricted to personnel with unauthorised access. Verge Safety Barriers make no entry zones easily identifiable with the use of signs, barriers and fencing.

A traffic management plan should be deliberated when considering the risk factors in meat packing plants. It is essential that pedestrians and vehicles are able to move safely within the plant. Pedestrian routes must be clearly identified and vehicles must have adequate clearance from doors, gates and routes.

verge safety barriers meat packing
meat processing plant safety barriers

The potential for injury is everywhere inside meat packing plants along with a risk for damage of stock and equipment.  Our high visibility barriers absorb shocks and knocks to protect products from damage by forklifts and other stock handling vehicles.

It is important that visitors to the plant have a safe area to park their vehicles that is segregated from machinery which could pose a significant threat for pedestrians. Verge Safety Barriers’ car park range includes everything from wheel stops to bollards.

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Verge Safety Barriers is a family-owned business and have years of experience in meat packing safety barrier installations and can assess which of our products are suitable for your company.

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