Mechanical workshops are prone to accidents but, as an employer, you have a responsibility to minimise the number of risks on the premises to help employees avoid injury.

Maintaining safety in mechanical workshops poses different hazards from those encountered in other lines of production work. Contractors, as well as employees, are at an increased risk due to the use of machinery, vehicles and chemicals within the one area, particularly when working in confined spaces or from heights.

Verge’s primary objective is to eliminate, reduce and control any risks posed as a result of the dangers that exist throughout your mechanical workshop. Our team can visit your premises to conduct a risk assessment to identify the most serious risks and recommend the right mechanical workshop safety barriers to fit your requirements.

mechanical workshop verge safety barries

What mechanical workshop safety barriers are available?

By installing mechanical workshop safety barriers, guardrails, handrails and other safety products you can eliminate or control the hazards on the premises.

Approximately two thirds of all accidents in mechanical workshops happen during the movement of vehicles. These accidents can cause serious injuries and occasionally fatalities when victims are run over or crushed. To reduce the risks, mechanical workshop safety barriers and guardrails should be used to segregate pedestrian and vehicular routes and allow for safe passage.

Verge’s handrail systems are designed to protect workers while they are working and can be installed in areas where changes in floor level cannot be avoided such as along stairways, ramps and platforms. Our handrails are easy to install and could be the only thing preventing a fall causing serious head and body injuries.

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