Mine sites offer a significant threat when it comes to the health and safety of workers so it’s essential for employees to identify hazards that have the potential to cause harm onsite.

The safety of miners relies on a combination of following safety practices and the use of safety barriers to ensure protection from harm. The development of specialised practices and equipment provides miners with the protection they need to prevent or minimise accidents.

Mines sites are particularly dangerous environments with a greater potential for loss of life or injury than in many other industries, making mine site safety barriers an essential component for keeping workers safe.

verge safety barriers for mine sites

Safety Barriers for Your Mine Site

Vehicles and pedestrians can easily get harmed due to the lack of or inadequate use of safety barriers. It is essential that a protective parameter is created around hazardous areas to warn workers of potential dangers ahead and keep them away from unauthorised areas.

Safety barriers are ideal on mine sites for their ease of installation and effective use. Many of our barriers are portable and easy to install. Our high visibility barriers are designed to absorb shocks and knocks to offer maximum protection on impact.

The first step in achieving a safer working environment is locating hazards and putting necessary measures in place to prevent potential accidents. By putting safety procedures in place you can ensure the protection of your workers by preventing incidents before they happen, allowing every worker to complete their job safely.

At Verge Safety Barriers, we have a wide range of protective mine site safety barriers that can be used to keep workers and vehicles safe. Some of our mine site safety barriers include expandable barriers, signage, parking bollards and more.

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