Power stations pose a range of risks, but the dangers associated with working in a power station can be minimised through safe work practices, including the installation of power station safety barriers. It is especially important that safety barriers are installed for controlling access to hazardous areas and safeguarding personnel from heavy machinery.

While power station safety has improved over the years, employees still face a range of hazards. Verge works with power station management to minimise accidents in the workplace with the proper installation of power station safety barriers.

verge power station safety barrier

Keep employees safe with power station safety barriers

To accommodate Australia’s growing energy needs; power stations are expanding their capacities, and as a result, need to update their safety strategies.

Keeping your employees safe is a constant challenge; even minor mistakes in a power station can prove to be fatal. One of the best steps you can take to ensure a safe workplace is to install power station safety barriers. Safety barriers are proven to be effective in increasing workplace safety and should form an essential part of your workplace safety strategy.

By employing power station safety barriers, you are protecting workers from hazards such as falls from high areas, vehicle collisions and electrocution.  Our range of products includes guardrails, pedestrian safety rails, bollards and signage.  All of our safety barriers are made of robust steel and offer high visibility to give maximum protection.

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Verge values the safety of workers and aims to make every business we work with free of accidents. To minimise the likelihood of injuries, we have manufactured a diverse range of safety barriers and other products suitable for strengthening power station safety.

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